Savings, in short, are the difference between revenue and expenditure, something that should be left over. Everyone knows with a wig that saving is sensitive and necessary, but somehow it just doesn’t work. Read our list that can increase your motivation to save!

The purchase of a ton is now 15 tonnes in 40 years


Someone could say that it doesn’t matter if you put $ 50 more or less in your monthly savings. This is not true at all.

If you buy the newest and coolest TV booth in the 20’s for $ 1,000, this purchase can cost you $ 14,974 at the age of 60. How on earth? If that $ 1,000 had been invested and received an average annual return on the stock market, there would be about 15 tons of savings in retirement. However, stock markets are risky, and familiarization requires a little effort that not everyone can take. An easy and secure option is to put the money into a savings account with a reasonable interest rate.

If you start to think about the opportunity cost of each of your purchases, you will begin to unobtrusively choose the less expensive option. However, it is best not to miss all the fun, but pay attention to the costs that can result in real savings.

You can use our calculator to calculate the amount of your interest income and savings and compare the terms of your account. This way you know how much savings you could make even in a year!

Even small savings prevent economic difficulties

Even small savings prevent economic difficulties

If you can’t save more than just a few dozen, your motivation may be low. However, saving even a small income prevents financial difficulties. It is clear that while the savings account has only a few tens, the surprising bills will hit less under the belt. You should not forget to save your account as an emergency. We do not know the future, and insurance does not necessarily save us in a tight space. The media is full of infamous cases of disagreement between insurance companies and customers.

Financial experts recommend that everyone should spend a few months’ worth of money on a savings account, and it is a good idea to automate your savings as soon as your salary drops into your account. After that it is as if you have to manage with a certain amount. Compare your savings accounts and start collecting your savings buffer right away.

Uncertainty in the pension system

Uncertainty in the pension system

Retirement, or at least part-time work, begins to tickle the minds of many by the middle age. However, a small pension causes you to remain in employment.

The Finnish earnings-related pension system is based on the fact that the next generation pays the pensions of the previous one. However, there are not enough taxpayers, and with the current demographic, those who are currently in employment will receive less for every euro they put into the pension system than the older generation. The fewer children are born relative to the previous generation, the greater this disparity becomes. Finland would need more young people, but children do not seem to be very enthusiastic about Finland, and some people do not want foreigners to fill this population gap. Population growth in general is a problem that is putting a strain on the earth. It is also unclear what effects automation and artificial intelligence will have on employment in the future.

A solution that does not need to update and measure the disadvantages or benefits of any of the above options is personal saving and investment. Anyone can take their own retirement through passive income or through a variety of retirement savings methods. If the birth rate suddenly starts to rocket, no one will probably be hurt even if they have saved a nice pot in addition to retirement.

Under-40s are still decades in the making of savings, but parents should not be discouraged, but instead start to take disciplined and systematic savings.