Payday loans up to € 250

If you are on a list of defaulters and need financing, some private companies will grant you loans with ASNEF even if you are not backed by a third party. Here, you will find payday loan of the best lender.

Can I get a loan with ASNEF without endorsement?

Yes, although only to a private lender. These non-bank financial companies never require a guarantor to access their loans with ASNEF, since they consider that the person or mortgage guarantee of the owner is sufficient to ensure the reimbursement of the money granted.

In addition, it should be noted that many of these companies do not lend more than 500 euros or 1,000 euros, so it is not necessary to have a lot of income to access their products. In fact, in many cases, they only require a source that allows them to pay the fee without complications, from a payroll to a pension or an unemployment benefit.

In the case of loans with mortgage guarantee, it is not even necessary to justify that we receive income, although as a precaution we should never hire them if we are not completely sure that we can pay the monthly payments, since to contact them it will be necessary that we put as to guarantee a house that is in our name and if we do not meet any of the conditions, we may end up losing it.

Loans with ASNEF without current market guarantee

As we have already verified, if we appear in a file of defaulters and need financing, having unpaid debts completely closes us the access to any type of bank loan. However, some private equity companies will accept our request and will not require that we have a guarantor or that we charge a salary. In addition, in general, they will respond to our request very quickly, so that we can dispose of the money in question minutes or at most in 48 hours.

Currently, the best known ASNEF loans are mini-loans of up to 750 euros granted by some private equity companies. These products can be purchased entirely through the Internet and, in addition, are granted in a matter of very little time. The guarantee that we will provide to grant us the capital will be exclusively personal, so we can get the credit with fast ASNEF without the support of a third party.

But these are not the only products we can obtain if we need financing and we appear in default files. If we find ourselves in this situation, some financial intermediaries will grant us mortgage loans of large amounts of money, to be repaid in a term that can be up to 20 years. In addition, in certain cases, they will allow us to enjoy a grace period, which means that we will not have to pay the monthly installments or we will only pay the part corresponding to the interest during the first years of the contract’s validity. However, we must bear in mind that these loans will require us to place a home as collateral, so we run the risk of losing the house in case of non-payment.

How to get a loan with ASNEF without endorsement?

As we have seen, there are two main types of loans for defaulters without a guarantor, each with its own access requirements. In general, to get a quick loan we will have to show that we collect enough income to return the borrowed money within the term, as well as being of legal age, be permanent residents in Spain and have a bank account in our name.

In addition, to obtain these loans with ASNEF without mortgage guarantee , some companies will require us that the debt for which we were enrolled does not exceed a certain amount, which will vary between 500 euros and 1,000 euros depending on the entity, and that does not come from a non-payment to a bank , be it a bank draft, a credit card or a personal loan, although it may be due to non-payment with our supply or telephone company, for example.

On the other hand, the companies that grant loans with mortgage guarantee only demand to have a house in property or with a mortgage with little capital pending of payment. Therefore, we can get a loan with ASNEF without having an endorsement and without having to justify income. Of course, if we incur a default, the company will keep our house. As in the previous case, we must meet a series of minimum requirements to access these financing products: be of legal age, residents in Spain and with a checking account in our name.

What are the credits for defaulters without a guarantor used for?

The loans with ASNEF and without endorsement are, in their majority, fast mini-credits that give us access to small amounts of money that allow us to solve certain specific economic setbacks. These products do not usually have a specifically defined purpose, so we can use them to cover any unforeseen expenses that surprise us. Let’s see a list of the most common uses that are given to this type of loans:

  • To settle the unpaid debt to leave the file of defaulters: we can use the money to pay the debts to our creditors and delete our data from ASNEF, RAI, EXPERIAN, etc.
  • Quickly solve unforeseen incidents: with quick loans, we can solve all kinds of setbacks, from paying an invoice or a fine, to repairing a flat tire.
  • To have liquidity in times of great expense: we can also request a loan with ASNEF without endorsement to face times such as Christmas, summer holidays or back to school.
  • Avoid embargoes: if our property is about to be seized, we can request a mortgage-backed loan to pay the debt and stop the process.

As we can see, the loans with ASNEF online can help us in times when we need money urgently, although it is not convenient to use them repeatedly to finance expenses that are not essential, since in case of default we would enter a spiral of debts that can arrive to be very damaging to our personal economy. In fact, these products are not created to be used as a regular or recurring funding source.

Risks of not returning credits with ASNEF without endorsement

The loans that can be obtained in spite of having unpaid debts and not having an endorsement can help us resolve setbacks in a timely manner, but we should never use them irresponsibly or if we are not totally sure of being able to meet all the conditions they demand. Therefore, it solo we request them if we need cash very urgently and can never hire them if we do not enjoy sufficient income to pay fees or if any factor prevents us to meet any of the conditions of the contract.

If we are not careful with our personal finances and can not pay the credit installment on time, the company will apply the penalties for delay established in the terms and conditions of the contract. In general, the penalties consist in the application of interest and late fees and in the registration of our data in a file of defaulters. In addition, in the worst case, the company could take us to trial and, if your complaint prospers, our present and future personal assets could be seized to settle the debt.

To avoid all these negative consequences, it is essential that before requesting the capital, we make sure we can comply with all the conditions of the contract without affecting our economic stability. However, if we can not make the payment due to some unforeseen circumstance, some companies will allow us to request an extension of the credit with which we can have several more days to pay the debt, although this service usually includes fees, but they will never be superior to those who will apply us for falling into default.